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Sarah Flower Nutritionist

Sarah Flower

Author, Nutritionist & Sugar Free Campaigner

I am a nutritionist and author, but also a busy working mum.


My passion for sugar-free and low carb stems from my own health journey.  I live an LCHF way of life, but I am still a very traditional family cook and enjoy experimenting with different recipes.

I run a busy clinic, helping people restore their health, energy, mental health and wellbeing.  

I love running health seminars and teaching children and adults cookery.  We all need to eat a Real Food diet and home cooking is the first step to success.

I have a Facebook page called EverydaySugarfree.

I have published 20 books to date, the last 4 books are all suitable for anyone following a sugar-free, low carb way of eating.  

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